MMM’s Shankarrao Chavan Law College conducted Yerwada Jail visit for the students of Law on 10th of September 2016. Asst Prof. Swapnil Sagane & Asst Prof. Leena Indise were the Faculty In-charge for the same About 45 students were taken from the college premises for the visit through bus. All the female students were taken to the women open prison wherein one of the superintendent Police officer guided students and gave information as to administration of prison. There were convicts of various serious offences who were sent to open prison for reformation and rehabilitation.

Police officer briefed the students about the daily activities of inmates and following information is gathered from the same:-
Prisoners are engaged in various vocational, spiritual and educational activities. They are given different badges and different tasks. Prison is divided into various sections, and inmates are allotted specific tasks like cooking, cleaning etc. Provision is also made for common programes for the entertainment of prisoners. Children of prisoners below the age of 6 years are allowed to be with their mothers and are kept in different section. They are also provided with the playground and toys so that they can enjoy their childhood just like any other normal kid. There are amenities like Hospital with availability of well qualified doctors and School for educating children in the premises of prison. Prisoners in jail were even engaged in different vocations like tailoring for which training was provided. The officer also discussed about the daily meal of prisoners which was fixed as per the work done by the prisoners. The superintendent police officer discussed about the disciplinary rules made for the inmates which they are bound to follow for the purpose of rehabilitation. The daily routine of these prisoners starts with waking up early in the morning and compulsory practice of yoga. Then they are provided with breakfast which is followed by dispersal of the inmates to do their respective work allotted to them followed by the lunch. The schedule of the whole day is fixed.

Thereafter the superintendent police officer cleared the queries and doubts raised by the students in the question answer session. She even discussed about Parole and Probation.

Then all the female and male students were taken to Central Jail. The very first thing that grabbed the attention of all was the inner premises of the Central jail which was really vast, very clean and was surrounded by greenery. Inmates were seen engaged in various works. There is availability of library, Vipashyana (Meditation Center), Computer education, Art of Living, Freedom foundation programes and many more. Police Sub-Inspector Kharat was our guide who provided information about various activities and administration of the jail. He informed us about various vocational activities in which the inmates are engaged. During the discussion with students he told us that the inmates of the jail produce nearly 5,000 clothes daily, and supply it to jails across the state, it has its own textile mill and around 150 inmates, including women, are involved in stitching these clothes. Some of these costumes, like uniforms of superintendents, prisoners, wardens, and guards, were made for Madhur Bhandarkar’s 2009 film Jail.

After Central Jail visit students were taken to Men’s Open Prison where there was a factory in which inmates were engaged in making thread. Even here the activities of inmates were divided. Some were seen cooking food in kitchen, some were cleaning the premises. Thereafter students again had some question answer session with the authority In-Charge.

This was indeed a very special visit as the girls were for the first time allowed to visit the Central prison with the proper security. The perception of students about the jail was very different when we left from the college for the visit. But the whole perception and opinion of the students about the prisoners, the authorities and the administration of prison totally changed after the visit.