L.L.M (Two Year Course)


Two Year Course leading to a LL.M. degree is a four semester full time course. On completion of the Two Year Course, i.e after the 4th semester, the LL.M degree is awarded.


LL.M. (2 year) Course Credit System


The candidate should have completed B.A.LL.B. /LL.B. (Bachelor Degree of Law).


Admissions will be given as per the selection procedure / policies adopted by the respective college, in accordance with conditions laid down by the University of Pune. Reservation and relaxation will be as per the university rules.

The students seeking admission to Master of Laws course is hereby informed that they are supposed to adhere to the following rules:

  1. A minimum of 75 % attendance for lectures / practical is the pre-requisite for grant of term.
  2. The students are supposed to attend all the Internal Assessment Activities, Workshops / Seminars / Training Programme / symposia/ study tour organized by the P. G. Department/ college.


  1. The Internal and External examinations will have equal weightage of 50% each.
  2. A Student has to obtain 50% marks in both examinations of Internal and External with minimum passing of 40% in both of these examinations separately.
  3. A student cannot register for third semester, if he/she fails to complete any 6 papers consisting of 24 credits, out of total 8 papers of first and second semester consisting of 32 credits in total.
  4. The external examination answer papers shall be evaluated by Central Assessment Programme.
  5. There shall be a revaluation of the answer scripts of External Examination but not of Internal Assessment as per Ordinance No. 134 A & B.
  6. While marks are given for all internal and external examinations for a maximum number of 50 each, they will be converted into grades by University. Semester end grade sheets will have only grades & final grade sheets and transcripts shall have grade points average and total percentage of marks. The final grade sheets will also indicate the P. G. Center to which the candidate belongs.
  7. Internal marks remain unchanged and internal assessment cannot be repeated. If a student remain absent during internal assessment examination, he/she will have second chance with the permission of the competent authority. It will be under the discretion of the competent authority and internal departmental assessment committee. In case he/she wants to repeat Internal, he/she can do so only by registering for the said courses.

  1. External Examination for the 50% marks will be conducted by the University of Pune.
  2. The External examination programme will be scheduled as per the notifications and guidelines issued by the Examination section of University of Pune.

Internal assessment for each course would be continuous and dates for each tutorials/practical tests etc. will be pre-notified in the time table for teaching or placed separately as a part of time table. The P. G. Department / College Internal Assessment Committee will coordinate this activity.

  1. It is a continuous evaluation process. The Internal marks will be evaluated on the basis of the following i.e. attendance, punctuality, practical skills, and oral skills etc.
  2. Assessment of internal work will be conducted before conducting External examination.
  3. Longish Term Paper will be evaluated by the examiners of the same college and the dissertation will be evaluated by one internal and one external examiner.

A student cannot register for third/fourth semester, if he/she fails to complete six papers consist of 24 credits of total eight papers consist of 32 credits and he/ she is expected ordinarily to complete within two semesters.

Grades will be awarded from grade point average (GPA) of the credits.

Paper No. Name of the Paper Category No. of Credits
Semester – I
Paper 1 Introduction to Legal Theory Compulsory 04
Paper 2 Constitution Law of India. Compulsory 04
Paper 3 Legal Research Methodology Compulsory 04
Paper 4 Compulsory Specialization Subject (as given below) 04

Paper 4- Introduction to International Law

Paper 4 – Principles of Corporate Law
(Students once they opt any one Clusters as their specialization, they are bound to continue the papers mentioned under the same cluster in semester II, III and IV)

Paper No. Name of the Paper Category No. of Credits
Semester – II
Paper 5 Practical Research Methodology Compulsory 04
Paper 6 Comparative Constitutional Law Compulsory 04
Paper 7 Law Making in Indian Polity & Statutory Interpretation Compulsory 04
Paper 8 Specialisation Subject (as given below) Compulsory 04

Paper 8-International Institution

Paper 8- Law of Contract- General Principles

Paper No. Name of the Paper Category No. of Credits
Semester – III
Paper 9 Law and Social Transformation in India Compulsory 04
Paper 10 Law, Science and Technology Compulsory 04
Paper 11 Specialisation Subject (as given below) Compulsory 04
Paper 11-Private International Law
Paper 11- Consumer Law
Paper 12 Optional Paper to be chosen by the student* Optional 04

Paper No. Name of the Paper Category No. of Credits
Semester – IV
Paper 13 Specialization Subject (as given below)

Paper 13-International Economic Law

Paper 13- Banking and Negotiable instrument

Compulsory 04
Paper 14 Optional Paper to be chosen by the student* Compulsory 04
Paper 15 Seminar Paper Compulsory 02
Paper 16 Dissertation Compulsory 06