BY HELLEN KELLER

  1. Introduction:

Lawyers being social engineers owe a special duty to the society as far as awareness and enforecment of rights is concerned.  It is with the  object of discharging this social responsibly, the College has established its own “ Legal Aid Cell” in 2005, to provide legal aid to the poor, needy and disadvantaged sections of the Society. Cell has succeeded in achieving its goal by active participation of legal practitioners, faculties and most important its Students. Retd. Hon’ble Justice P.B. Sawant Judge, Supreme Court of India inaugurated the Legal Aid Cell in the college in on 15th August, 2005. It is a legal duty (as laid down under Rule 31 of Bar Council of India’s Rules of Legal Education, and Rule 11 of Schedule III of the said ‘rules’) of the Institute with mission of the MMM’s Shankarrao Chavan Law College, Pune.

  1. Aims & Objectives of the Cell:

The education imparted through our law courses will in particular aim at:

  • To give actual meaning of the mission of the institute ‘welfare of the masses’ through legal aid cell
  • to promote free legal aid to weaker section of the society
  • to ensure dissemination of justice equally among all section of the society
  • to encourage students for the participation and to sensitize students
  • to get acquainted with the variety of issues prevailing in the society
  • For the promotion of equal access to justice to every section of the society.

With these objectives, cell is working under two major heads.


Cell  ensures to create legal literacy in the society and among the students. Targeted group is generally poor and illiterate people in the society. Therefore, every year legal literarcy camp is arranged at remote place. Lectures of judges, , lawyers, eminent speakers, students of the law college delivers lectures in the camp.


Proper legal advice and aid shall be given to the needy people. The main object of the cell is to provide legal advice and hence cell consisted by the  legal expert and experienced person in the court practice.

  • Vikas Bhatnagar
  • Pradip Tambe
  • Swarup Godbole
  • Nilesh Shelake


  • Vishal Zarekar



Mr. Pradip Tambe
Legal Aid Centre
MMM’s SCLC, Pune

Landline: 8149340004


Legal Aid Camp 2006:

On 20th February, 2006, college had organized Legal Aid and Literacy Camp at the village Koinkarwadi near Rajgurunagar, Dist. Pune.

Legal Aid Camp 2010-11:

Camp was organized on 16th February, 2011 at Mandavgaon Pharata, Tal. Shirur, Dist. Pune. Camp was attended by 60 students of the college. Shri. N.U.Parma Joint Civil Judge(Jr. Divison) Shirur was the Chief Guest and addressed to the studnes and villagers about Legal Services Authority Act, 1987 in brief.  Adv. R.V. Jadhav, Adv. D.Y.Kamble and Adv. S.G.Shendge were present and informed gathering on different issues.

Legal Aid Camp 2011-12:

This year Legal Aid Camp was organized at Pargaon Shingave, Taluka: Ambegaon, Dist. Pune. Hon’ble Mr. Mohammad Asif, Additional Dist Judge, Shivajinagar Court, Pune was delivered lecture and informed gathering about the Land Laws and related matters. Adv. S.K. Patil educated gathering on the matrimonial issues and various laws.

Legal Aid Camp 2012-13:

Hon’ble Mr. R.K. Malabade, Secretary, Dist Legal Services Cell, Pune, Hon’ble Mr. Umech C. More, Civil Judge Junior Division, Pune and Hon’ble Mr. A.V. Kulkarni, Civil Judge Junior Divisoin, Bhor were present and given detailed information about the Mediation, Conciliation various modes to resolve issues amicably between the parties. Along with this Adv. Abhang and Adv. Jayshree Shinde talked on the Laws related to Property  and Family respectively.

Legal Aid Camp 2013-14:

The object of Legal Aid Cell is to create awareness about various rights, laws among the people and students should get an opportunity to involve in the public and get acquainted with problems faced by the people. With this objective, in the year 2013-14, camp was arranged at Snehalay Sanstha, Ahmednagar. Snehalay Santha primarily functions as an orphanage for HIV affected child and rescued women from prostitute area. Students informed informally to all the women about their property, matrimonial and penal laws and extended cooperation to all children. Mr. Girish Kulkarni, Founder President, Snehalay Sanstha appreciated the efforts made by the students for their cooperation and interest to being a part of the Snehalaya.

Legal Aid Camp 2016:

This year Legal Aid Camp was organized at Khanapur, taluka Haveli, district Pune. Khanapur is the village which is situated at about 25k.m away from Pune. Visit to Khanapur was a memorable event. Students experienced the warm hospitality extended by villagers and at the same time found that villagers who are  either illiterate or not that much educated were having practical knowledge in depth. Students interacted with villagers and authorities and members of Gram- Panchyat  and tried to understand their problems and hurdles in enforcement of their rights. They observed that due to hike in prices of immovable properties in Pune, in nearby villages property disputes are constantly increasing, so the students shared with villagers legal knowledge as to proprietary rights and various governmental schemes for needy people.

This visit made them to realize the reality of the society and how a change in the life of these farmers can be brought by a determination and dedicated efforts of people from legal fraternity.

This camp was a success and the legal aid cell achieved its objective of contributing to the society.


Legal aid camp is the part of syllabus of Savitribai Phule Pune University , Pune.  Every year that camp is organized for final year students. The object is to spread knowledge of law as well as awareness about Fundamental Rights among people who are not aware about it , specially people of remote areas and villagers.

This year that camp was organized on 22th January 2017 at  holly place Alandi, 25 K.M. away from Pune.

There were 180 students participants for that event who marched rally in main market of Alandi.

District judge of Pune Smt. Mangala Dhote was the Chief Guest in her speech she addressed that “it’s duty of every student of law to spread the knowledge of law and rights including fundamental and Human rights to everyone who do not have knowledge of Law.”  On that occasion Advocate Pankaj Bhandari was the Guest of Honor.


This year camp was organized at Shelgaon, Talukar-Khed, Dist. Pune. Students from B.SL. LL.B. 5th, LL.B. 3rd and LL.M. 1st year students participated in the camp. This year college changed the pattern of legal aid camp and mutually decided to do a legal survey in the village and give exposure to the students. Accordingly all the students visited each villagers and asked information about any legal issues they had or any matter pending in any court. Also students were informed to give legal advice and noted down in the form. Students collected all the data and submitted form with the faculties. Legal Aid Committee later on scrutinized and  segregated all the forms and found that very few matters are pending in the court. Legal Aid Committee took a follow up and concerned students directed to look into the matter. Legal Aid Camp was concluded with the great experience and information to the students. Accordingly, students collected information from 79 peoples. Out of all the matters, 17 matters are pending before Civil Court. 4 matters are at observation and verification stage. In 1 of the matter compromise has done. In 36 matters no legal action has been taken by the parties. In 3 matters further guidance is asked by the litigants. In 3 of the cases appointment of advocate is pending.