Human Rights Week

Human Rights Day is commemorated every year all over the world on 10th of December. It is celebrated at this particular date annually to honor the United Nations General Assembly for declaring the human rights universally. Taking into consideration the contribution of Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the development of human rights all over the world, every year SCLC celebrates the Human Rights Week commencing from 10th December.

Celebration of this week is an endeavor on our part to sensitize our students about human rights and make them understand the strength of legal profession to play pivotal role in recognition and enforcement of human rights of various classes of society. With this purpose following activities were organized in this Human Rights Week.

Eminent social activist Adv. Aseem Sarode, Pune gave a lecture on Human Rights of prisoners. He shared the heart touching stories of human right violation of prisoners. He insisted that the lawyers owe a moral duty to work for the prevention of such violations and contribute towards the creation of society where everybody will respect the rights of other human being.


Adv Aseem Sarode sharing his experiences

Social activist Mrs Alka Joshi interacted with students on the topic ‘Armed Forces Special Power Act & Human Right Violations’. She answered queries of students and highlighted the need of concrete efforts to prevent the arbitrary enforcement of laws resulting in human right violations.


Mrs.Alka Joshi addressing the gathering

C.H.R.A organized the poster making competition on the theme of human rights of vulnerable group for law students. There was a overwhelming response of students.


Poster Making Competition on the theme of human rights


Poster Making Competition on the theme of human rights


Poster Making Competition on the theme of human rights

Students of SCLC organized a rally in the nearby residential area for sensitizing the residents about their basic rights.

With the objective of creating among our students awareness and respect for human rights, SCLC on 14th December organized the visit to Maharshi Karve Stri Shikishan Sanstha, reputed institution in Pune which has made significant contribution towards women empowerment. This visit enabled students to understand the value of great work done by Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve and the dedicated effort of this institute to carry forward his legacy.


NGO employee while tendering information to students


Staff & Students of SCLC near the tomb of Maharshi Karve


SCLC’s donation to Karve Stri Shikshan Sanstha