• Pallavi Survanshi:

Ms. Pallavi Survanshi talked on “Judicial Services” on 11th August, 2017.

  • Suhas Palande:

Mr. Suhas Palande deliverd lecture on “Opportunities in Insurance and Banking Sector” on 1st August, 2017.

  • Amit Kulkarni:

Mr. Amit Kulkarni will deliver lecture on “ Corporate Sector and its working” on 16th Sept., 2017.

  • Abhijeet Hartalkar:

Adv. Abhijeet Hartalkar delivered lecture on drafting of witness affidavit and examining the witness.

  • Uday Warunjikar:

Adv. Uday Warunjikar expressed his views on career in law profession.

  • Harshad Nimbalkar:

Adv. Harshad Nimbalkar delivered lecture on the topic ‘challenges in legal profession’.

  • Varsha Virhari (JMFC):

Madam expressed her views on ‘How to prepare for the judiciary’.

  • Yadnyaseni Gaikawad:

Adv. Yadnyaseni Gaikawad delivered lecture on the topic Research for effective mooting.

  • Ajinkya Kale (Legal Associate- Infosys)

Sir delivered lecture on ‘Legal Firm and their future in India’.

  • Bindu Ronald:

Dr. Bindu Ronald deliverd lecture on the topic ‘how to write research article’.

  • Rameshwar Munde, Charted Accountant, Pune:

Sir delivered lecture on ‘The Central Goods and Services Tax Act,2017.

  • Hon’ble Mr. Ashturkar, Secretary, Legal Services Authorities, Shivajinagar Court, Pune:

Sir delivered lecture on the topic ‘Legal Services Authorities Act’.

  • Shridattaprasad Abhang:

Sir delivered lecture on Legal challenges in court practices.

  • Avinash Awghade:

Sir delivered lecture on the topic ‘preparation of JMFC’.