B.A.,LL.B. (Five Years Course)REVISED CURRICULUM (2017-18)

From the Academic Year 2016-17, Government of Maharashtra has introduced Common Entrance Test (CET) for Law Course for admission to B.A.LL.B. 1 (5 YEARS COURSE) & LL.B. 1(THREE YEARS COURSE). Admission to these courses henceforth, cancellation and refund of fees shall be as per the Government of Maharashtra, Directorate of Higher Education. Details of which are available on www.dhepune.gov.in or www.mahacet.org


An applicant who has successfully completed Senior Secondary School course (‘+2’) or equivalent (such as 11+1, ‘A’ level in Senior School Leaving certificate course) from a recognized University of India or outside or from a Senior Secondary Board or equivalent, constituted or recognized by the Union or by a State Government or from any equivalent institution from a foreign country recognized by the government of that country for the purpose of issue of qualifying certificate on successful completion of the course, may apply for and be admitted into the programme of the Centres of Legal Education to obtain the integrated degree in law with a degree in any other subject as the first degree from the University whose such a degree in law is recognized by the Bar Council of India for the purpose of enrolment.



B.A. LL.B. and LL.B.

  1. Course Component of First Year B.A.LL.B. :


Subject Code First Year B.A.LL.B. Semester I
CE 0101 General English
BA 0102 General Principles of Political Science
BA 0103 General Principles of Economics
BA 0104 General Principles of Sociology


Subject Code First Year B.A.LL.B.Semester II
CE 0201 English for Law
BA 0202 Political Theories
BA 0203 Macro Economics, Policies and Practice
BA 0204 Theoretical Perspectives of Sociology


  1. Course Component of Second Year B.A. LL.B.:


Subject Code Second Year B.A.LL.B. Semester III
CE 0301 Legal Language and Legal Reasoning
BA 0302 Public Policy and Public Administration
BA 0303 Theories of Development and Indian Economy
BA 0304 Society in India


Subject Code Second Year B.A.LL.B.Semester IV
CE 0401 Law and Literature
BA 0402 International Relations
BA 0403 Law and Economics
BA 0404 Social Research Methods


  1. Course Component of Third Year B.A. LL.B.,


Subject Code Third Year B.A. LL.B. – Semester V
LC 0501 Legal and Constitutional History
LC 0502 Family Law I
LC 0503 Law of Contract I
LC 0504 Law of Crimes
Optional Subject 1 (Any one from the following)
LO 0505 (a) Health and Food Law
LO 0506 (b) Equity and Trust Law
LO 0507 (c) Criminal Psychology and Criminal Sociology
LO 0508 (d) Agricultural Marketing Law
LO 0509 (e) Intellectual Property Rights I


Subject Code Third Year B.A. LL.B. – Semester VI
LC 0601 Constitutional Law I
LC 0602 Family Law II
LC 0603 Law of Contract II
LC 0604 Tort and Consumer Protection Law
Optional Subject 2 (Any one from the following)
LO 0605 (a) Media and Law
LO 0606 (b) Banking and Insurance Law
LO 0607 (c) Penology and Victimology
LO 0608 (d) Land Acquisition Law
LO 0609 (e) Intellectual Property Rights II



  1. Course Component of Fourth Year B.A. LL.B.,


Subject Code Fourth Year B.A. LL.B. – Semester VII
LC 0701 Constitutional Law II
LC 0702 Property Law and Easement
LC 0703 Public International Law
LP 0704 Practical Training Paper I – Professional Ethics and Contempt of
Court Law
Optional Subject 3 (Any one from the following)
LO 0705 (a) Comparative Constitutions
LO 0706 (b) Investment and Securities Law
LO 0707 (c) Criminal Minor Acts
LO 0708 (d) Cooperative Law
LO 0709 (e) Private International Law


Subject Code Fourth Year B.A. LL.B. – Semester VIII
LC 0801 Labour and Industrial Law
LC 0802 Jurisprudence
LC 0803 Law of Evidence
LP 0804 Practical Training Paper II – Alternate Dispute Resolution System
Optional Subject 4 (Any one from the following)
LO 0805 (a) Human Rights Law and Practice
LO 0806 (b) Competition Law
LO 0807 (c) Vulnerable and Disadvantaged Groups and Criminal Law
LO 0808 (d) Civil Minor Acts
LO 0809 (e) International Economic Law


  1. Course Component of Fifth Year B.A. LL.B.,


Subject Code Fifth Year B.A. LL.B. – Semester IX
LC 0901 Civil Procedure Code
LC 0902 Interpretation of Statutes
LC 0903 Environmental Law
LP 0904 Practical Training Paper III – Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance
Optional Subject 5 (Any one from the following)
LO 0905 (a) Law on Education
LO 0906 (b) Principles of Taxation Law
LO 0907 (c) Law of Forensic Science
LO 0908 (d) Land Laws I
LO 0909 (e) International Law on Air, Space and Sea
Subject Code Fifth Year B.A. LL.B. – Semester X
LC 1001 Criminal Procedure Code
LC 1002 Administrative Law
LC 1003 Company Law
LP 1004 Practical Training Paper IV – Moot Court Exercise and Internship
Optional Subject 6 (Any one from the following)
LO 1005 (a) Election Law
LO 1006 (b) Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law
LO 1007 (c) Comparative Criminal Justice System
LO 1008 (d) Land Laws II
LO 1009 (e) Humanitarian and Refugee Law

B.A.,LL.B. (Five Years Course)(2003 Pattern)

Five Year Law Course, leading to a B.A. LL. B. degree is a ten semester full-time course. The students of the Five Year Course are awarded with the Bachelor of degree at the end of the Third Year, (i.e. 6th semester) and on completion of Five Years, (10th semester), LL.B. degree is awarded.



A candidate passing the H. S. C. (10+2) examination conducted by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, with minimum 45% marks or any other examination recognised as equivalent thereto by the Savitribai Phule Pune University with the minimum prescribed marks is eligible for admission to the First Year of Five Year Law Course. The above percentage of marks shall be relaxed by 5 % for candidates belonging to the SC, ST categories recognised as such by the Government of Maharashtra.Important: – The applicants who have obtained 10+2 or graduation / post-graduationthrough open universities system directly without having any basic qualification forprosecuting such studies are not eligible for admission in the law courses.


Semester-I Semester-II
General English – I General English – II
History  Political Science – I
Economics Sociology


Semester-III Semester-IV
Political Science – II (Foundations of Political obligation) Legal History (History of Courts, Legislature and Legal Profession in India)
Political Science – III (International relations and organizations) Law of Contract – II (including The Sale of Goods Act, 1939 and Indian Partnership Act, 1932.)
Law of Contract – I (General Principles of Contract and Specific Relief Act, 1963)  Legal Language


Semester-V Semester-VI
Family Law – I Family Law – II
Law of Crimes Constitutional Law
Labour Laws Law of Torts and Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

i. Trust, Equity and Fiduciary Relationships

ii. Criminology and Penology

iii. Woman and Law and Law relating to Child

iv. International Economic Law

 Practical Training – III (Professional Ethics, Accountancy for Lawyers and Bar-Bench Relations)


Semester – VII Semester – VIII
Law of Evidence Jurisprudence
Environmental Law (including Laws for Protection of Wildlife and other Living Creature including Animal Welfare) Property Law including Transfer of Property Act, 1882 and Easement Act, 1882.
International Law and Human Rights Practical Training – II (Public Interest Lawyering, Legal Aid and Para Legal Services)
Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternate Dispute Resolution Systems

i. Intellectual Property Law

ii. Insurance Law

iii. Comparative Law

iv. Conflict of Law


Semester – IX Semester- X
Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 and Limitation Act, 1963 Code of Criminal Procedure ,1973, The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 and Probation of Offender’s Act, 1958)
Land Laws including Ceiling and other Local Laws Company Law
Interpretation of Statutes Practical Training – I – Moot Courts, Pre-Trial Preparations & participation in trial proceedings
Administrative Law Practical Training- IV -Drafting,Pleading,Conveyancing

i. Banking Laws (Including Negotiable Instruments Act)

ii. Co-operative Law

iii. Taxation Law

iv. Investment and Securities Laws